Photoshop Automator Error -212

Hi All,

I have automator tool(coded with run applescript) which is worked for photoshop 2021. Hopefully, the tool is working perfect, when the Mac having Photoshop application 2021. In some other Mac not having with Photoshop 2021. While I have run the tool Mac without the Photoshop 2021, default Mac will ask select the application option. Unfortunately, the user will wrongly selected the Indesign instead of photoshop, the tool produce the automator error -212.

Again I have tried the tool in Mac after restart again the same problem will produce and tried with clear cache, preferences in the Library, no use.

Any help and suggestions are much appreciated!


Let the user run the app again. When he/she sees the prompt to choose the target application let him/her choose “Photoshop 2021”.
The error manifested itself because the code had application “Photoshop 2021” as a target likely defined as tell application “Adobe Photoshop 2021” (or tell application “Photoshop 2021”). Adobe launches updates frequently and the naming changes are just as frequent. In this case, best practice dictates using the bundle identifier which is the reverse domain name system name, i.e. com.adobe.photoshop – a persistent value throughout the history of their releases.

Is the tool you’re referring to an Automator applet? If yes then open it in Automator and scrutinize the code inside the Run AppleScript action for any opening statements tell application “Photoshop 2021”. Replace them with the construct tell application id followed by the mentioned bundle identifier and save the applet.