PhotoShop CC Export for Web HELP

Hi all is has been a long time since last we spoke.

I am having trouble getting PhotoShop CC to export for Web.

This was working with older versions of PhotoShop

set myOptions to {class:«class S4WA», interlaced:false, quality:QualComp, with profile:false} & my compileAsOption(“JPEG”)
export current document in file myFileToSave as save for web with options myOptions with replacing --and copying --michele Steiner

It does not work properly with PhotoShop CC
It gives me Gif files instead of Jpg files.

What am I doing wrong.

Thanks Big Time for your help


Just done a quick test and the code below works:-


on process_item(this_item)
	set thePath to this_item as string
	tell application "Adobe Photoshop CC"
		open alias thePath
		set theDocument to current document
		export theDocument in thePath as save for web with options {class:save for web export options, web format:JPEG, quality:60}
		close theDocument saving no
	end tell
end process_item

The filename needs tweaking though so thePath ends with .jpg and not the original extension.