Photoshop CS Actions and renaming

I have one photo that has to be created 15 different ways (the file names always start with 301258) I created actions in photoshop to convert the images. I like to have a script to run all the actions at one time and save the images out in one folder and rename each image (Ex. 301258_1.jpg through 15) Can anyone give me advice how this can be done. I’m new at scripting but understand how it works have written small scripts. But this would help my work flow at work so much

To run PS CS Actions with applescript you use the “do action” found in the PS dictionary in the Miscellaneous Standards Suite. But I would use it sparingly. Instead use PS applescripting directly. To run an action:

tell application "Adobe Photoshop CS"
set display dialogs to never
open this_file
set docRef to the current document
do action "ActionName" from "ActionSet"
save docRef
end tell

To save you lots of headache with learning PS scripting I suggest looking into “Image Events”. Use PS scripting for things like filters, layers, channels or other PS special abilities. Use Image Events, GraphicsImporter, iMagine, Event Suites or other image scripting additions for resizing, Image filetype changes, resolution changes, etc…
This will save lots of time and give you speed in your automation.
I have a automation that I use to create 20 differant image sizes and filetypes and more, using PS very little.