Photoshop CS: Can't use classes as described in Adobe manuals

Since Photoshop CS, Apple Script is supported. But unfortunately it doesn’t work on my machine.

The problem can be described as follows:

  1. Trying to start the simple Adobe example script (“New Document”)

tell application “Adobe Photoshop CS”
set newDocRef to make new document with properties {width:3 as inches, height:3 as inches}
end tell

results in an Apple Script Error window:

“Adobe Photoshop CS got an error: Can’t make class document.”

  1. The Apple Script Editor “Open Dictionary” function lists for Photoshop CS one Apple Script class only:

“do script‚v : Play the specified Action”

  1. If scripts are moved to the folder “Adobe Photoshop CS/Presets/scripts” it doesn’t make any changes in the “File/Scripts=>” menue. After a restart of Photoshop CS, the scripts aren’t listened in the menue, whatever format (AS, app, javascript) they will have.

  2. Whenever I try to start one of the four scripts (Javascript scrips) listened by “File/Scripts =>” or the “browse” option, it results in a Photoshop CS error window:

" Can’t use … , because Photoshop couldn’t find the JavaScript-Plugin"
(note: translation by me, I see the German error text)

  1. I didn’t found any plugin as “JavaScript-Plugin” in the CS Extensions folders, but I found a “scripting support” plugin (“Skript-Unterstützung” in my version).

  2. A different Photoshop CS of a friend of mine on a different machine shows the same results as described above.

Assuming that others here may had the same problems, I have the following questions:

  • Though there are complex Apple Script manuals by Adobe for Photoshop CS - does it work with CS at all (or other classes as “do script”) ?
  • May this a problem regarding the German version of CS (which I use) ?
  • If this is all about the missing “JavaScript-Plugin”, where can I find it ?

Additional information:
MacOS: 10.4.11
Software: Photoshop CS (Version 8.0.1)
Computer: 1.25 GHz PowerPC G4, 1MB L3 cache, 1 GB DDR SDRAM

Hi Jens,

Is the following plugin active in your Adobe Photoshop CS application folder?

Scripting Support plugin

Thanx Martin,

good question.
One of the problems in support questions like this: I am using the German Version of Photoshop and therefore all plugins have their German names.
In this folder I found a plugin “Skript-Unterstützung” witch translates to “scripting support”. So I think this is the German version of this plugin.