Photoshop CS2 - does imgage contain a path or not?

Hello MacScripter-Community !

Before I ask for some support I would like to share with you where I and my questions come from. As a photographer I now work for a company with lots of products which have all been photographed in the past - to photograph the new products is my job. So I have enherited a large archive of digital images - unfortunately they do not compile with our new standards settings for images, as they are totally mixed up in format, size, colour space, profiles, names, pathes, colour mode and so on.
One of my tasks is now to uniform all of our images in many different aspects. As I can perform a lot of tasks in Photoshop it seems that some demands can only be accomplished by AppleScript. I am on my way to learn AppleScript but it is not as easy as I thought it might be - but I am willing to learn and any help within this process is greatly appreciated from my side.

What I need to do:

I need to know if an image contains a path at all. If it does: fine - if it doesn´t; can this image be copied to a different folder?

I know this isn´t the most difficult task - but any tries from my side won´t work since I am an absolut beginner in Scripting. I maybe understand the script but would not be able to write it myself. Could anyone be so kind an help me on this?

Many thanks in advance,


Model: Power PC G5 2.3 Hz
AppleScript: 2.1.1(81) / 1.10.7
Browser: Firefox
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

Welcome, John.
I think some terminology needs to be clarified. are you asking if an image is found in some location? An image HAS TO have a path (or else, where would it be found?!?) The only exception I can think of is when you’re working on a unsaved document (then your “path” is in RAM somewhere).

Briefly outline what you’d like to do.

Jim Neumann

P.S. James, I beat you to it today! :stuck_out_tongue:

Jim, what I think John meant is if an raster image file has a vector path saved in its data. Such as a clipping path. Which can be used by other graphic applications. I did some playing with this a while back and if I remember correctly if the file is .psd .jpg or .tif then you can search for the path name string in read file. With other file types it gets encoded (a guess)

Thanks for the quick answer. Since I am not a native speaker I did use terminology in a not clear and precise way. Please excuse - will work on it.

Mark67 is on the right track. I want to know if pixel images in a certain folder contain a clipping path (or any other working path) or “if an raster image file has a vector path saved in its data”.

I am not looking for the path to find an image or which leads me to a specific image.

For example:

Folder A contains x amount of pixel (raster) images (such as tiff, psd and/or eps).

If pixel image 001 contains a clipping path - dont touch it.
If pixel image 002 contains a clipping path - dont touch it.

If pixel image 035 (for example) does not contain a clipping path (or any other working path) then copy it to folder B.

Check this for all images in folder A.

In the library of the scripteditor which tells me the possible script commands for an application I find for Photoshop something called the “path suite”. Within this suite the is something called “path item n” and it seems to lead to the information that an AppleScript would need to find out if an image contains a vectorpath within its data or not. Thats as far as I could work my way to this problem.

Thanks for help - I hope it is more clear what I am looking for now - if not - just ask again if you still feel to.



You can certainly have Photoshop open your images and check to see if any kind of path is saved in the document.

Wow, doubly embarassed :):P:D:lol: I misunderstood your question and got your name wrong!

From the sound of it you should be able to pull this off fairly easily.


I too got the name wrong. Martin can you provide some more info about your images. Have they all been opened and saved from Photoshop? Are the above all your image types? How many images are we talking? is opening them all in Photoshop a realistic option? Are there any patterns in the naming of the paths in these files. How/where are they stored?

Hello there MARK 67 -

thanks for asking all these detials - I was quite depressed and almost thought it might not help me to much to ask in the forum since it seemed that people with much more complex problems have scrpits written for their problems which are very, very long and complicated - and this “easy” problem that I have is being ignored…

So this is what it can tell you:

we are taking about maybe 4.000 images.
all saved in PS
only eps, tiff, psd
PS is the only programm that I would want to work with (because more things have to be done with the images in future)

naming pattern is: 24478_24
where the 244 is the item, 78 the kind within the item family and _24 the colour code

the are stored on a server within our company network - but i can easily put them onto my mac - works faster with PS anyway.

I will try within today and tomorrow to write some script as far as I can get - maybe it will help splitting the problem into two parts.

Many, many thanks - Martin :slight_smile:

PS: I am running on a very tight deadline on this with my boss - he thinks writing applescript is tought in kindergarden and any photographer should be able to do it while asleep… :frowning: