Photoshop CS3 CS4 CS5 - suppress screen redraw

Looking for any code that can suppress screen redraw while running a script in photoshop. I’m aware that if I use actions there’s an “accellerated” setting, but not sure that’s going to work for my task.

Any thoughts would be most appreciated!

Im not too sure if this is possible with AppleScript it is however the default with ExtendScript but that is NOT probably what you wanted to hear.

Thanks. Yes, you guessed it, Applescript is preferred but will move to Extendscript if that’s my only choice.

I looked at the CS4 script library and I can’t find anything like Acrobat’s “Invisible” setting (on Open). Thought that might give you what you want.

Anyone know for sure if there is anything like that in PhotoShop?

Unfortunately there is no direct command to suppress screen redraw in Photoshop using applescript, javascript, or VB. But if it helps, palettes can be minimized to keep them from being drawn altogether.

A little while back, I was doing something similar but my intent was to try and make the script run faster by “hiding” parts of Photoshop that required redrawing of the screen.

What is your intent for suppressing screen redraw?