Photoshop CS3 Resize

I have a script that use to work great with Photoshop CS, however since CS3 arrived it no longer works. Basically it runs, opens the image, saves it, but the image doesn’t get resized. Please see code snip below:

resize image current document width percent 0.5 height percent 0.5 resample method bicubic

From what I can gather reading the new CS3 AppleScript guide, a percentage is now handled without the two decimal places. So the following would seem correct:

resize image current document width percent 50 height percent 50 resample method bicubic

But, no. I there anyone working with CS3 yet that might care to shed some light?


Hi Paul,

I don’t have CS3 (yet), but
take a look at Adobe’s Photoshop CS3 scripting reference

hope it helps

I did read the reference, but all they say about this issue is that they changed from decimals to whole numbers. .5 is now 50, and such. The only thing I can think of is that they changed how you call percent versus pixel or inch, but I can’t find anything along those lines. In fact the guide only says the following:

resize image - document, The document object or objects to be operated upon.
[width real] - The desired width of the canvas (unit value).
[height real] - The desired height of the canvas (unit value).
[resolution real] The resolution (in pixels per inch).
[resample method
bicubic sharper/
bicubic smoother/
closest neighbor/

Never worked with % before but this works just fine in CS2. bicubic is default method.

tell application "Adobe Photoshop CS2"
	set docRef to the current document
	tell docRef
		resize image width 50 as percent height 50 as percent
	end tell
end tell