Photoshop CS3: Save for web, filename truncating

Hey there!
I’ve got a question about save for web in Photoshop CS3. I figured out the posts in this forum how to do a “save for web” and setting the export options. I slapped that into my script and all seemed good… Then I noticed that some of the file names were being truncated to 32 characters – always ending in “#0”. This is bad because some of the files are different versions of the same file with a suffix.

So, my question is: can applescript set the “unix compatible:true” property for save for web even though it’s part of the options for “Batch” command? Or if not, what would be the best way to check for a truncated file in the save folder and then rename it to the full file name?

This is my current “save for web” line in my script

export mydoc in file (var_WebFolder & mydoc_name & ".jpg") as save for web with options {class:save for web export options, web format:JPEG, quality:60, with profile:true, optimized size:true}

As a side note, if I run the “save for web” by hand, the file names do not truncate… puzzling.

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.


Model: PowerBook G4 1.67GHz
AppleScript: Applescript 2.2
Browser: Safari 525.20.1
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)

can you do “Mac OS 9 compatible:false” property for save for web?