Photoshop CS4 -- Fonts Extracting from PSD file

Dear All,
I want to collect/extract fonts from psd file. That means may be users have used many fonts in different layers. I want to extract all fonts into a folder.


The fonts in Photoshop are the ones available to the system at point of launch. This means your users could be using them from just about anywhere? System Library, User Library Font Management Software etc. Photoshop just has the names of the ones that were loaded when it started. You can go through the layers and find the names of the ones used but even this is not going to be reliable before you start some kind of system search. Photoshop scripting only accesses the first character of a text object so to speak so if your users have mixed this up within an individual text layer you have NO way of knowing. Give this a try with some mixed up layers.

tell application "Adobe Photoshop CS2"
	tell the current document
		set Used_Fonts to {}
		set Text_Layers to every art layer whose kind is text layer
		repeat with This_Layer in Text_Layers
			set This_Font to font of text object of This_Layer
			if This_Font is not in Used_Fonts then
				set end of Used_Fonts to This_Font
			end if
		end repeat
	end tell
end tell

If you were to open the psd in illustrator then you could access all the type at character level which may be better but you still need to go find them as they are not included in your file.

Dear Mark,
Thanks for replying. I have seen the process how they are collecting these fonts. They are checking the names of fonts in each layers and find in entire system and copying to one particular folder.
Is it possible to get complete path with the font name used in the document in a text file, so that they can go to that location and copy the font.