Photoshop CS6 and Mavericks


The answer must be out there somewhere but I am in the middle of india at the moment with a very slow internet connection so…

I am getting these sort of replies with a script that worked before

tell application "Adobe Photoshop CS6"
			«event PsCSodoc» alias imagePath
			«event 8BIMRzIm» «class pADc» given «class Wdth»:imageWidth, «class ResL»:240
			duplicate «class DbLr» of «class pADc» to document todayDate
			«event PsCSclos» «class pADc» without «class savo»
		end tell

Is there a work around. Have use the use command but still have the problem. also CS6 does not accept the current document property

Any ideas

@MODERATOR: this topic can be removed because it’s the same as

Sorry Baz

and cured the problem with a restart

Feel a bit silly