I have about 400 pictures of 200 toothbrushes in 2 angles. They are all taken on a white background with the same camera, named with a number +a / +b (878a.tif, 878b.tif etc).

What I would like is a droplet where I drop all the b-files, a curve is read making the backgroound 100% white, select white, inverse, copy.

Now the script will look for the a-picture in a specific folder, make the same adjustments with the curve (maby some unsharp mask etc) and then I´d like the copied picture to be pasted in a separate layer on a good coordinate and than have it saved as in this case 878.psd.

If it works well I´d like a crop and save for webb.

How do I start? Is there some scripts I can modyfie?

The end result is this: (the site is far from finished)

im not a designer but if it may be worth looking to see it the netpbm package can do what you want with shell scripts it works wonders with jpegs and other stuff.

There are tons of scripts for PS, many of them available on this site. What you’re requesting is pretty advanced if you don’t know AppleScript, though. You might start playing with PS automation by saving history list as actions.