Photoshop resample method none

I am surprised I cannot resize an image so that I can receive a new DPI value, based on a predefined width or height.

tell application "Adobe Photoshop CS4"
    set thisdoc to document 1
    tell thisdoc
        resize image height 108 resample method none
    end tell
end tell

-->>"Adobe Photoshop CS4 got an error: You may use pixels to specify 'height' and 'width' only when resampling"

Is there any way to have Photoshop recalculate the dpi based on a new (height, or width) of the document without using a resample method? And btw, my units are set to pixels.


Photoshop is right :smiley:

If you give the height in inches etc. then you can set the resample method to none; cause inches depend on dpi = dots per inches = variable

but a height of 108 pixels is fixed, so you have to resample …

pixelpusher basics :wink:

never mind