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(I can work in either OS 9 or X; am therefore posting this topic in 2 forums.)

I have a project that needs to be completed tomorrow.
It involves creating 120 text files containing the names of 120 image files.
I am of course desperately searching for an AppleScript that can do the job for me.

To be more exact, what it needs to do is read the names of
files in a given folder and for each one create a text file containing
the name of the original file, and then save each file in the same
folder. The files could have the same names as the originals but with a
.txt suffix.

Bill Cheeseman has done me the favor of outlining how such a Script would run; I can’t write ApppleScript myself, or I would take it from here. Does anyone have a little time? I’m afraid I can offer no money for this, but I might be able to drum up a paying job in the future for someone who helps me now. Please contact me at

from Bill:

  1. choose folder – puts up a dialog where the user can choose the folder

  2. tell the Finder to repeat with every file in the folder whose kind is
    jpeg (or whatever)

  3. tell the Finder to get the name of the file

  4. open for access a file with the same name + ‘.txt’ in the same folder

  5. set the text (contents) of the file to the name

  6. close access the file

  7. end repeat


I just sent you a script that I believe will satisfy your needs.


Ooops… I am sorry Jonn, I did not know that you answered it too, I put one suggestion in another topic
Excuse me Jonn :frowning:

I will erase my answer, I have just seen your message in the forum of beta tests… forgiveness once again Jonn.