Photoshop setting imagesize from clipping path ?!?!

Hi BBS-Users,

I have a lot of pictures to process …

The size must be set by the size of the “clipping-path-box” (or however you call the outer boundaries of a clipping path) and then I need three versions in different scaled sizes with different names.
Unfortunately the name of the clipping path is not the same in every image. So what I need is an AppleScript which:

  1. creates a selection of the clipping path
  2. inverts the selection and deletes the “background”
  3. crops the image around the clipping path
  4. resize the picture to fit into a 640 x 480 pixels
  5. saves the image with the addition _prev
  6. resizes the image to be exactly 100 x 100 pixels (including an expansion of the canvas)
  7. and finaly saves this image with an added _thumb

… hmm … sounds quite easy for someone who uses a mouse and repeats all the steps manually … can anyone please give me at least a hint for the basic commands ?

Thank you in advance !!!


I am not a scripting pro, however, I use Photoshop frequently and can recommend using Photoshop’s Action function.


The script I have below does what I think you want. See the comments for details. For the sake on the sample script, I assumed you wanted to save the prev and thumb files to the same location as the original, an as the same file type. You can change those parts as you wish.

tell application "Adobe Photoshop CS"
	set background color to {class:RGB color, red:255.0, green:255.0, blue:255.0} --Ensures the the canvas will fill with white later in the script
	tell current document
		set docPath to file path as string --Sets filename and location as string variable
		tell path item 1 to create selection --Make selection from path. This assumes there will only be one path in each file (name of the path is irrelevant)
		invert selection
		fill selection with contents {class:RGB color, red:255.0, green:255.0, blue:255.0} --Fills with white
		trim basing trim on top left pixel --trims extra white space, resulting in the image being cropped to the exact size of the path
		--Resizes to 640x480, depending on whether height or width is larger:
		if height > width then
			resize image height pixels 640
			resize image width pixels 480
		end if
		save in (docPath & "_prev") --saves to same location with "_prev" added to name; insert other save options if you wish
		--Resizes to 100 pixels; adjusts canvas as needed (resulting in a 100 px square image, regardless of orientation):
		if height > width then
			resize image height pixels 100
			resize canvas width pixels 100
			resize image width pixels 100
			resize canvas height pixels 100
		end if
		save in (docPath & "_thumb") --saves to same location with "_thumb" added to name; insert other save options if you wish
	end tell
end tell