I posted this to a thread but it’s a better fit for Code Exchange: If you install the latest PHP package from the outstanding Marc Liyanage [], then you can incorporate PHP directly into AppleScript which opens up an amazing amount of versatility. There are plenty of sites devoted to PHP code and great libraries for incorporating PDF, MySQL, and lots, lots more.

OS version: OS X

--this is just one of thousands of things PHP can easily add to your scripts
set the_string to "This is a very long line of text that keeps going and going..."
set max_chars_per_line to 15
set the_code to "echo wordwrap(\"" & the_string & "\", " & (max_chars_per_line as string) & ");"
set the_string to my php_execute(the_code)

my php_execute(the_code) --exceute PHP code 
my php_execute_su(the_code) --execute PHP code as admin 
my php_validate_file(the_file) --validate a PHP text file 
my php_get_help() --get help with the PHP CLI 
my php_get_info() --get info on the installed PHP package 
my php_get_modules() --get the names of all installed PHP modules 
my php_get_module_functions(the_module) --get the functions of a specific module 
my php_get_all_functions() --return all the functions of all the installed PHP modules, not very speedy... 
my php_search_manual(the_term) --search the online maunal for a PHP term 

-- ***********************************-- main php calls --***********************************-- 

on php_execute(the_code)
		return do shell script "/usr/local/php/bin/php -r " & (quoted form of the_code)
	on error the_err
		return {the_err, the_code}
	end try
end php_execute

on php_execute_su(the_code)
		return do shell script "/usr/local/php/bin/php -r " & (quoted form of the_code) with administrator privileges
	on error the_err
		set root_pw to ""
		return {the_err, the_code}
	end try
end php_execute_su

on php_validate_file(the_file)
		return do shell script "/usr/local/php/bin/php -l " & (quoted form of POSIX path of the_file)
	on error the_err
		return the_err
	end try
end php_validate_file

on php_get_help()
		return do shell script "/usr/local/php/bin/php -h"
	on error the_err
		return the_err
	end try
end php_get_help

on php_get_info()
	return my php_execute("echo phpinfo();")
end php_get_info

on php_get_modules()
	return my string_to_list((my php_execute("echo implode(get_loaded_extensions(), \", \");")), ", ")
end php_get_modules

on php_get_module_functions(the_module)
	return my string_to_list((my php_execute("echo implode(get_extension_funcs(\"" & the_module & "\"), \", \");")), ", ")
end php_get_module_functions

on php_get_all_functions()
	set the_modules to my php_get_modules()
	set all_functions to {}
	repeat with i from 1 to count of the_modules
		set all_functions to all_functions & my php_get_module_functions(item i of the_modules)
	end repeat
	return all_functions
end php_get_all_functions

on php_search_manual(the_term)
	open location ("" & the_term & "?=en")
end php_search_manual

on string_to_list(the_string, the_delim)
	set AppleScript's text item delimiters to {the_delim}
	set the_list to every text item of the_string as list
	set AppleScript's text item delimiters to {""}
	return the_list
end string_to_list