Pinging script is slow

I’m using the following script to ping after I post my blog. It is very slow to run, a assume this is due to the part that calls: "using terms from application “”. Is there a better way to do this?

	set BlogName to "My Blog Name"
	set BlogAddress to ""
	set PingList to {{"", ""}, {"", ""}}
	--Note: ping-o-matic will forward pings to,, Technorati,	MyYahoo!, BlogRolling, BlogChatter, PubSub
	--Example list of multiple {{"", ""}, {"", ""}}
	set returnValue to ""
	repeat with n from 1 to (count of PingList)
		set AppName to item 1 of (item n of PingList) as string
		set theMethod to item 2 of (item n of PingList) as string
		--with timeout of 15 seconds
		using terms from application ""
			tell application AppName
				set returnValue to call xmlrpc {method name:theMethod, parameters:{BlogName, BlogAddress}}
			end tell
		end using terms from
		if flerror of returnValue is false and message of returnValue is not "" then log message of returnValue
		if flerror of returnValue is true then log "There was an error, " & message of returnValue
	end repeat

Another problem I have with this script is “transport errors”

Anyone have any idea why I would get these transport errors? Sometimes this works fine and sometimes I get the error. Seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.

You’re not really pinging - that looks like a SOAP call and I’ve found that those are often painfully slow. I don’t know why.