Place an image in the clipboard ?


I want to put a png image in the clipboard… right now, i’m doing it through preview but it’s less than ideal…

tell application "Finder"
    open theFile using alias "Macintosh"
    tell application "System Events"
        keystroke "a" using command down
        keystroke "c" using command down
end tell
end tell

if i try something like:

set the clipboard to theFile

…then i don’t get the image in the clipboard…

how should i get the clipboard to contain the actual image?

hmm… actually, i think i might of found a way.

set the clipboard to (read ("Users/jeff/desktop/write_image.png") as TIFF picture)

.but i can’t put ’ as PNG picture’ . it has to be tiff ??


easiest solution without any application and GUI scripting

set pngData to read file "MacHD:Path:To:Image.png" as «class PNGf»
set the clipboard to pngData

hey Stefan,

thank you…
that does it…

That is a great answer. Is there a place to find all of the file classes?

I copied a TIFF image to the clipboard (there is a TIFF picture type in AppleScript) and looked at the image representations with

the clipboard as record

Fantastic tip!