Place text from Excel in Acrobat.

Hello! I’m still an Applescript newbie. I’ve been trying to create a script that will pull text from an Excel spreadsheet and place the text on 400+ PDFs in Acrobat. The script would have to see the PDF name and look for that as text in the Excel spreadsheet, copy the entire row the text appears in and place it in Acrobat.

(We are trying to avoid bringing the PDF into InDesign because we’ve had some funky things happen when we write the file back out. And no Photoshop as we don’t want to rasterize the files.)

I’ve searched the web for this and find some people that say it can’t be done and some say it can be, but they don’t say how.

I thought I could create a dynamic stamp to place on my PDF’s that would use a java script to bring in the Excel info. With 400+ PDFs we would want a script to do this and I can’t find a way to do that.

Then I read something about using batch processing to place the stamp. A ) The PDF’s are several different sizes so the stamp needs to be placed in a different location for each size. B) I don’t see how to make a dynamic stamp in batch processing. C) While it’s not a big deal to kick off a batch process manually, it would be nice to include this in a script.

Any and all advice is welcome.
Thank you!!