Placing a copy of a folder into another folder

I’m brand new to applescript. I’m guessing this is super simple script. I need to copy a few dozen folders in one location and copy them to another. I really appreciate any help you could provide.

Hey Josh,

You haven’t provided quite enough information for us to help you without having to guess a lot about your intent.

A. You want to copy what folders?
1. A group of folders in an other folder?
a. Are these the only folders contained in that folder?
b. Are there more folders interspersed with the ones you want to copy?
2. A number of disparate folders from different places?

B. This job needs to be repeatable?
1. With the same folders?
2. With different folders?

If you’ll give us a bit more info and a broader idea of what you’re doing we can do a better job of helping you get there with fewer interrogatives.

Hey Josh,

Just to give you an idea.

set _src to alias ((path to home folder as text) & "test_directory:find_test:")
set _dest to alias ((path to documents folder as text) & "docs_test:")
tell application "Finder"
	duplicate (folders of _src as alias list) to _dest
end tell