Placing a specific pdf page into indesign

I have searched, but I can’t find a solution that I understand.

I have a 16 page PDF file that is 11 x 17 in size.
I want to open a new ID file that has 16 * 2 pages in it. (32 pages)
Then I want to import page 1 of the PDF into a box on page 1 of the ID file.
then on page 2 of the ID file, I want to place page 1 of the PDF, but shift the image in the box 8.5" to the left.

So now I have the left half of the PDF page 1 and the right half of the PDF page 1 on pages 1 and 2 of the ID file.

Now I want to go through the rest of the PDF file placing pages the same way…

I am having trouble with the syntax for placing the pages after page 1. I am trying to use:

tell page backPage of myDocument
				set myBox to make rectangle with properties {geometric bounds:{0.0, 0.0, 11, 8.5}, stroke weight:"10"}
				display dialog "ok"
				tell myBox
						set page number of PDF place preferences to 2 as number
						place file myPDF
						--display dialog "ok"
					on error
						display dialog "can't place Back Half"
					end try
				end tell
			end tell

Where am I going wrong?


PDF place preferences is a property of the application, not a document, so you need to address the relevant line to the app directly.

that’s the correct direction I needed. Thanks