Placing file in ID2023

more trouble shooting

I’m trying to place a file in 2023. This worked in ID20219…

set MyArtPDF to "G1:CentralPDFProofs:" & JobNum & ":" & JobNum & "art.pdf"

tell page 1 of document 1
		place file MyArtPDF
		set geometric bounds of first rectangle to {0.1, 0.1, 4, 8.4}
		send to back first rectangle
	on error
		display dialog "ARTWORK PDF missing"
	end try
end tell

the Place file command doesn’t work in ID2023.
Adobe InDesign 2023 got an error: Missing required parameter ‘file name’ for method ‘place’.

Any ideas?

OMG… I actually found the solution first…

the place command now needs to be:

place “fileName” as alias

simple as that

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Hi David,
This is more an macOS issue rather than InDesign. This case first came out with Catalina, see 3 year old posts like this one, use alias (place (theFile as alias)) or clas furl (outside app).

Sincere regards