play/pause applescript for Pandora?

So I understand that there might need to be a little creativity in this, but I am wondering if there is any way to target the pause/play in

Currently, I use fluid to be able to target specific web pages as an application. For instance, I have made an “application” and currently have an applescript that shows/hides my music apps (pandora, iTunes, etc.) Now, is there some possible way to pause pandora from an applescript? I know it is a long shot, but thought I would ask anyway.

Well I’m about to download it and take a look. I have never seen fluid before and it’s pretty interesting!

Even so though it will most likely require GUI scripting.

And it’s a no go. The interface is Flash driven which means no scripting

Well, fluid isn’t that sophisticated. It’s essentially just a single browser window for a web page. It was irrelevant to me at first until a lot more of my daily processes moved to the cloud where it was helpful to have an app like icon, window for my online apps. Pandora is a good example. But I don’t think it changes the challenge of focusing on the web content inside the “app.” I’d be really interested to see what you find out.

Didn’t see you had already replied otherwise I would have relied myself rather than editing above…

The Pandora interface is flash so it’s really not possible to control it even with GUI scripting. You could maybe control it via clicking at coordinates, but I have zero experience in doing that and the solution would vary based on browser position, tabs open, resolution etc.