Playing multitrack audio to several outputs. Is it possible?


I am new to applescripts (and to apple programming at all) but I have several years programming experience with c++ and Java.

I have a problem :slight_smile: I do not find simple suitable application for my needs so I decided to make one.

I play in a band and I use my powerbookG4 550mhz computer to play backings during live performances.

Is it possible to make script that can play several audio files at same time to different outputs of my sound card? I have 4 outputs in my soundcard and i would like to play “background track/file” to output 1+2 (stereo) and “click track/file to drummer” to output 3+4. My sound card is Echo Indigo DJ card.

Is this possible with scripts or do I have to make “real” application?

best regards, Veikko Tapaninen

It’s not possible in the way you might be hoping, with plain old AS. If it’s possible at all, it would require the right scriptable application. If you haven’t found an application that meets your needs, you’ll have to go the custom app route.