Playlist to DVD Script

I used Apple’s wonderful script “Playlist to DVD” (still available for download at to burn a music DVD just after iLife 04 arrived, and it worked fine.

After updating to iTunes 4.5 and the latest versions of QuickTime Pro and iDVD, however, the script gives me nothing but errors. Using one of the templates (the one I like the most, naturally) the script gives me an error stating that “07.pct” cannot be found, even though it was created by the script moments before. And it has nothing to do with the actual file; it will stop at 07 every time, with every playlist. None of the songs are copy-protected.

Switching to another template works, but the script thinks there is always one more track in the playlist than there actually is. For instance, with a 25-song playlist, the Script thinks there are 26 songs, and quits working when it can’t find the 26th song. I’ve looked at the Script code, by viewing the program’s package contents, but I can’t find the problem.

Can anyone help? I love this script.