Please help a new mac user with a simple apple script


I am completely changing over to Apple after many years of working with Micrsoft OSs.

I bought a dual boot (Jaguar) G4, 3 years ago but now I have invested in a nice dual 2gig G5 (Non Intel.)

Because mainly through hardware related issues, I had to work in OS9 quite a bit. One of the programs I used a huge amount was the last beta version of Fontographer.
Now I am running Tiger, it only works in classic mode. That’s OK but it is time-bombed to stop working at a certain, long past, date. So to run it, the user needs to set the clock back, then launch the application. It only ever happened to me once but if the date changes over, you haven’t recently saved your work and the porgram bombs out!!:mad:

Is there a way to do this with AppleScript or a GUI script?
Could somebody really make my day by sparing me a few minutes to help me do this simple thing.

I want to write a script that when I click the button, it will:

  1. Set the time and date back to 12.00, Jan 15, 1997
  2. launch Fog 5 beta 2
  3. Give me an audio and on screen warning after the program has been running for 10 hours and give me an option to save my work and then reset the clock to the desired date.

Any help, tips and advice will be most gratefully recieved

Best regards…Richard

Model: dual 2.0 gig G5 (non Intel)
AppleScript: ?
Browser: Internet Explorer 7.0
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

How about purchasing the current version of Fontographer?

I’m almost positive that’ll solve your problems.:slight_smile: