Please help! Can a table view cell wrap its words?

Hi group,

I searched this board, but only found an unanswered topic from 2003…

I desperately need to be able to see all of the text contained in a table view cell. As you are all likely aware, the text in a cell does not wrap by default. Can this be changed? My app really depends on this.

Thank you VERY much!


Hi Doug,

NSTextFieldCells (and NSComboBoxCells) have this option - the default cell type does not have it. Just drop one of these cell types to your column and you can easily setup the wrapping options in the inspector.


Wow. I’m off to a strong start on this board with that embarrassing question. I thought the column defaulted to a NDTextFieldCell. Even after the HOURS I spent poking around, I never would have thought to drop that into my column. Thank you very, very much for being patient enough to explain that; your soultion works perfectly.

I just ran AS Studio for the first time 3 days ago, so I guess I get a pass. :slight_smile: