please help

Hello, I am relatively new to mac computers. I bought my mac book pro abut a month ago and before then I never used a mac computer.

anyways I have been looking at the automator actions and I would love to make an action for this game astro empires. What I would like it to do is be able automatically go to links where the players bases are and copy the player name and other information then send it to an online databases on .mac or somewhere else.

I would love any help. in the meantime I will keep messing with it until I might figure it out.

I wrote all that blue text before I saw you were talking about Automator, so all that acts as if you wanted to script your action. I am not quite as good with Automator as I am with AppleScript, but before I help you I need to know if you want an automator workflow or an action.

If you have no idea what that means, and I saw that you are a new switcher (congrats on coming to your senses!), look at what Apple has to say about Automator and AppleScript

I don’t have the game so I can’t really help you out, but here’s a tip to find out if your app is scriptable or not (if not, you can still script it with GUI Scripting, but we’ll get into that later). Open script editor- I put in a blank script here, so just hit “Open this script in your editor”.

Now, find your game in the finder- in the dock control/right click it and select “Reveal in Finder”. Drag the icon for your game to the Script Editor icon in the dock. If you get a message saying that you can’t do something or other, then it’s most likely not scriptable. Otherwise, a window should come up listing all the commands your application will understand and you can fool around with it.

okay well astro empires is a free web base MMOG. so I would go into finder and drag the safari icon into the script editor?

also I thought that apple script and the automator worked together. thats why I thought you make scripts but I don’t know how to use either one.

also, I wouldn’t have a problem paying someone to make what I want as long as it is not to expensive.

No, I’m afraid that web based games cannot be scripted. However, it’s still worth looking at applescript, as it can be really useful!

Sorry that I could not be of more help, and I have never considered that someone would pay me for a script! After all, I’ve been doing this for less than two months!.