PMy iMac as a print server problem ....


I have a small network … an iMac G5 (running 10.4.11) and an iMac Intel (running 10.6.2). I also have a HP OfficeJet G85 printer that is not supported anymore by HP with Snow Leopard but that still works with Tiger. I connected the HP printer to my G5 and shared the printed over the network. So my G5 acts as a print server. It needs to be active when I want to print from my Intel machine.

My objective is that I want the G5 to be awake when my Intel machine is awake for print serving purpose, and to fall asleep when the Intel machine does to save energy. Both machine go back to sleep after 15 minutes of inactivity. When I work on my Intel machine, the G5 falls asleep and I have to keep it manually awake with an utility called “Caffeine”. I would like to write a handler that would automatically keep the G5 fully awake while my Intel machine is awake.

Having troubleshooted the problem, it appears that even when awaked (I tried it with WakeOnLan) the G5 falls back to sleep after 1 minute or so.

Does anybody have a clue to my case ?

Thanks in advance.