Podcast Informer v1.0

I’ve finally finished the first working version of my podcast appliation.
What this app does is update ipods, update podcasts, display a message if there is a podcast with played count = 0, and says “You’ve got podcasts” with a random voice. Each action is optionable though and only occurs if you check the check box next to each option. I have it set to perform the functions every 2 minutes right now.

I made this because being I’m in college and love to listen to podcasts and I am always on the move. If I had a new podcast I wanted to make sure and get it and put it in my iPod so I could just grab it and go.

This is version 1.0 and there’s still some things i’ll change to it but I kind of need help with that. For one I don’t know how to make so that if I close the IB window (but not the app itself) I can bring the window back up by clicking the icon in the dock (just like for iTunes). Another, is how to create a help window that just basically explaings what I said in the first paragraph.

anyways here is the link the app and its project file if anyone wants to look at it:

Zipped Project File http://www.geocities.com/boohickey11/ApScriptApp.zip
Zipped Podcast Getter v1.0 http://www.geocities.com/boohickey11/ApScriptAppcopy.zip

Here’s a picture of my application.