Polling remote app & timeout

I am trying to connect with a remote machine (that may or may not be available), but for some reason the timeout does not work.
Does anyone have a clue why not…?

set theMach to ("eppc://myname:" & passWord & "@" & "") as string
using terms from application "System Events"
		with timeout of 7 seconds
				tell application "System Events" of machine theMach
					set procnamez to name of the application processes
					set eyetvApp to (name of every process whose name is "EyeTV") as string
				end tell
			on error
				set procnamez to ""
			end try
		end timeout
	end using terms from

Hi Eelco,

System Events doesn’t run in every case on the remote machine,
it’s better to use the Finder instead (process is a part of the Finder’s dictionary, but not documented)

Note: the result of your first line is a string anyway, so no coercion is needed

Hi Stefan,

You’re right, but the issue is merely that I CAN handle a (non-existing) process issue on a remote machine,
but I can’t handle a call to a non-existent machine (IP not found on the network or machine down…)
This may relate to the well-known bug in OSX where the Finder/system hang if a sever incidentally goes down,
with the painstaking pizza cursor along…

Here is a little routine to determine the available file servers and their IP addresses

tell application "System Events" to set servers to name of disk items of disk "Network" whose its file type is "slua"

set serverIPs to {}
repeat with i in servers
	set theIP to do shell script "arp -n " & i & ".local | cut -f 2 -d '(' | cut -f 1 -d ')'"
	if theIP is "" then
		set end of serverIPs to "not available"
		set end of serverIPs to {contents of i, theIP}
	end if
end repeat
serverIPs -- list of {file server, IP}

Hi Stafan,

Thanks, this is quite similar to what I do

set IPs to paragraphs of (do shell script "arp -a | awk '{print $2}' | tr -d '()'")

and then relating these IP’s to a known config file (all of my IP’s are fixed).

The quirky thing comes in when machines go to sleep, get unplugged or leave the office.
This can be prevented by your check, but that takes quite some time.
As I learne somewhere, Leopard will solve the issue…