populating a table view with data from variable

I’m an Applescript novice (with other scripting experience) trying to populate a table view in a window pane with data from a variable (name of every disk whose format is AppleShare format … as string … aka mounted AFP volumes). I can get a dialog to display the volume names, but when the application calls the Interface Builder pane containing table view “list” of scroll view “list”, it doesn’t list the values assigned to that variable.

I’ve started with Apple’s “Entourage to iPod” AS Studio project as a template since it populates a table view with mounted iPods which is almost exactly what I’m doing, and I’ve also referenced the installed example AppleScript Table (w/o data source) from the Developer/Examples/AppleScriptStudio/ files. The latter specifies that the important part of supplying the table with information is in the “cell value” and “number of rows” event handlers. Also, I’ve read the comments in the recent post http://bbs.applescript.net/viewtopic.php?t=3475 .

Can anyone give me some pointers? I can provide a link to download the project as it stands now if it would help.