Portability issue I guess?

I created a cocoa app with an interface made with interface builder and containing an applescript to handle the button clicks and stuff and it works fine on my machine but the whole point of this project was with the intent on distributing it to users that frequent my irc server. Problem is it doesn’t seem to run on other machines even other machines using Tiger as is mine. Does this type of app require xcode to be installed on the machine it’s running on? I’d hate to have to tell people who have no intrest in programming that they have to download and install xcode just to run my app.

Have you tried changing the build configuration?

Note that earlier versions (2.0 and below) of Xcode called these “Development” and “Deployment” instead of “Debug” and “Release”.

Ah interesting. I’ll try that.

Yup, The build configuration was set to Debug. I set it to release and did the build again. I’ll wait till I hear from someone that has used it before I jump for joy but that was propbably it.

Thanx for the help. :slight_smile: