porting ASS app to ApplescriptObj-C


There is one of my ASS applications that I use all the time and like a lot, which i would eventually like to put online.
So before doing that I’d like to port it to ApplescriptObj-C

First, is that possible at all ?

Its got a toolbar that switches content views (on clicked toolbar item), a bit like the preferences in Mail.app if you see what i mean. And I cant even do that in ApplescriptObj-C to begin with ! Although, it does use some ApplescriptObj-C methods to switch the views, I’ve tried, I’ve tried !

Also, does the rest of the app have to be ApplescriptObj-C too, or can I just keep it straight ASS ?

I’m sorry about these dumb questions, but I’m really confused, what with the new stuff in xcode and all the Obj-C I have to learn …

Thanks in advance for your answers,
Best regards.

It’s very possible, but there will be code structure changes and you will need to know (if you don’t) how to use cocoa and the whole ASOC model to get, set and go (my own little term :lol:). Go get Craig’s tutorial if/while it’s still free! Things might click soon after seeing it. Also have a good scan for basics on here and unscripted.

I see many tutorials, which one are you referring to ?

http://macscripter.net/viewtopic.php?id=31293 that is the particular one I talked about.

Have to pay for it now…

:frowning: have a good look at unscripted (don’t do table tutorials), I made an attempt at a tutorial teaching you what you need to know to learn the rest yourself: http://macscripter.net/viewtopic.php?id=30898. Also have a good look at this forum.

Thanks man, I’m going to have a thorough look at that.