Positioning objects on a Quark page

I have a script that takes data from an Excel database and creates text boxes on a Quark document. The database tells the script what size to make the boxes, and what text to place inside the box.
However, all the boxes get made at position (0,0)
I’d like to be able to spread them out so they don’t overlap.
Any thoughts?

this is the chunk of the script that talks to Quark

tell page 1 of document 1
	make text box at beginning with properties {bounds:{"0"", "0"", AdHeight, AdWidth}}
					tell text box 1
						set color to "white"
						set width of frame to "0"
						set suppress printing to "false"
						set justification of story 1 to centered
						set vertical justification to centered
					end tell
				end tell


Right now you are forcing all of the text boxes to be made at 0,0 but if you change these it will change the origin of the box. So, get the position of the other text boxes on the page and adjust you bounds origins accordingly.

do you have an idea on how to work it out so the coordinates change as you go along?
how’s this thought process…

Start with x,y at 0,0
each loop add the width to X
once X reaches a certain number representing the width of the page reset it to zero and add the height to y instead