Positioning Startup Disc

I love OS-X. One day I will feel comfortable with it, but only when little annoying things stop happening. One of them is that every time I open the computer, the hard disc creeps down the screen to load somewhere after the files I leave littering the desk.

Is there a way to tell the hard disc to move to its proper place - in the top right corner of the desktop?

Thanks :wink:

Have you tried using “Arrange” in the Finder’s “View” menu? I don’t think it’s possible to control the icon position via AppleScript in OS X (yet).

I tried looking at the arrange options, but there is nothing that says
“Leave things exactly as I have left them”

I can now get my windows to open up in specified positions and sizes, something gleaned from the latest MacWorld in an article on AppleScript. Very handy for someone who uses ten programmes in a day and there seems to be no simple way to return to your opened windows other than by re-opening hard discs all the time.

This is my fundamental problem with AppleScript. I primarily work in a database environment where there is a well defined set of commands, parameters and attributes of everything. AppleScript is so literal and almost formless and is very hard to get on top of.

Finder scripting is definitely different from OS 9 here.
I tried this:

tell application “Finder”
set paz to path to desktop folder
set tt to items of folder paz
set tt1 to position of item 2 of tt
end tell

and it found that any desktop object has a position relative to its Finder window when it is in icon view - so there is no relation to the plain desktop as it appears behind Finder windows.