Positionning window

Hi i have a window with progress bar
but i want to always have it at the top of the screen of the user (independantly the size of the screen)
i don’t arrive to use the function “func setFrameTopLeftPoint(_ point: NSPoint)”
I tried “myWindow’s setFrameTopLeftPoint(0,100)” but didn’t work
any help will be appreciate

Any help ? So i tried in editor that script :

tell application "Finder"
	set screenSize to get bounds of desktop's window
	set myWindow to first window
	set windowSize to get bounds of myWindow
	-- les valeurs de 500 correspondent a la moitie de la largeur de la fenetre
	set bounds of myWindow to {((item 3 of screenSize) / 2) - 500, 0, 1000 + 500, 200}
end tell

it works fine
But in my app in XCode, it only use the placement from Xcode. I can’t get past xcode via code
Please, if you have an idea, it will be great