POSIX file and POSIX path

G’day again,

I am storing some path information to be passed to another script but I cannot get what looks like a perfectly good path turned back into an alias or file reference.

In the app that stores the path I do this, though its not so cut and dried as the location of gPicturesFolder varies, and I’ve chomped out the error checking:

set gPicturesFolder to ((path to desktop folder as string) & "iMaginePictures") as alias
set storePathToPictures to path to temporary items
set storePathToPictures to ((storePathToPictures as string) & "PathFileName.txt")
set fileReferenceNum to (open for access storePathToPictures with write permission)
write (POSIX path of gPicturesFolder) to fileReferenceNum
close access fileReferenceNum

and I know that works, the file gets created and the desired path gets written.
In the script that reads the file I do the following.

set storePathToPictures to ((path to temporary items as string) & "PathFileName.txt") as alias
set fileRef to (open for access storePathToPictures without write permission)
set thePicLocation to (read fileRef)
close access fileRef
display dialog "Folder location is: " & thePicLocation
set thePicLocation to (thePicLocation as POSIX file)
display dialog "Folder location is: " & thePicLocation as string

When the first folder location dialog comes up the path looks dandy. But once I try and convert it and show it in the second dialog the string is: “: :”

I’ve even tried using the quoted form, I’ve also tried removing the last character “/” in desperation. Nothing works. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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When reading in the text file I have to read it in as Unicode text, for example

set thePicLocation to (read fileRef)


set thePicLocation to (read fileRef as Unicode text)


Are you converting to posix paths only for the sake of storage in the file or does the script actually need a posix path?

I am using POSIX paths in other places in the calling script. But I could use the old Mac OS paths in this case. I am generally trying to make the switch over to posix paths wherever possible.

Would that make a difference in relation to having to read the file as Unicode text or not.


I won’t pretend to understand all of the intricacies of the various types of text because I find it all very confusing. As far as I know, AppleScript OS X uses Unicode text for paths to overcome issues where a path might include a character that causes problems otherwise. If you don’t feel that this will be an issue, here’s a handler that will convert paths to plain text. If I’m not mistaken, the handler was written by Arthur Knapp.

set path_ to (choose folder) as text
set plain_ to AsText(path_)

on AsText(str)
	try --coerce Unicode or other text to styled string to plain text
		return (((str as string) as record)'s «class ktxt»)
	end try
	return str -- if plain text to begin with
end AsText

If you don’t want to use this then we need to figure out how to read the file as is. :stuck_out_tongue:

– Rob

Thanks for your thoughts Rob

I managed to read the file successfully as unicode text and the path was converted correctly to a POSIX file. Everything is now hunky dory especially the AS studio app that is now finished.