POSIX plaths

hey how do I use a normal POSIX path in my script instead of using the (choose folder)

Say my Alias is


depends what your trying to do… with the posix path. More info is needed to accurately answer your question as well as an example of your script.


For instance script goes like:


Set Searchdirectory to quoted path of POSIX path of (choose folder)

say I have an alias


how would I replace (choose folder) with the alias path???

alias "HDD:Musis:"

(That’ll only work on your computer.)


as a posix path would be


Is that what your asking?

set searchPath to "/Music"

set F to choose file returns a path like this: alias YourHD:Users:You:Music:My Song.mp3 (note the space). If you want to use that in a shell script you say: quoted form of POSIX path of F.

If on the other hand, you drag a music file (or folder) to the Script Editor document window, you’ll get:

/Users/You/Music/My Song.mp3 without quotes. To make that into an alias to use in your script:

set F to (posix file “/Users/You/Music/My Song.mp3”) as alias.