Possible? iTunes podcasts to music, no re-download?

I had an idea for a script that I’m not sure is possible. I wanted to throw it out for feedback before I actually try working on it (still a beginner).

iOS 7 removed Podcasts from the Music app and now they only show up in the Podcasts app, which is a pain for many people, removed a lot of functionality, and is annoying at the least. People have been manually changing the individual file settings in iTunes from “podcasts” to “music” so that they will show up again in iDevices when synced (selecttrack>getinfo>options>mediakind>). However, this also causes iTunes to move the file into the “music” section, and it will apparently then cause a re-download to replace the missing podcast.

I was wondering if it would be possible to write a script that:

  1. watched the podcast folder/subfolders for new podcast files
  2. convert these new podcast files to music by changing the setting
  3. somehow prohibit a replacement podcast from being downloaded, but not prohibit actual new podcasts later


Browser: Safari 537.73.11
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.8)