Possible to script charts in Pages 1.0.2?

Hi all,

I have a few hundred documents that I want to pull some data off of and make pie charts. It’s a lot of pie charts…

I tried using Vvidget, but it’s quite involved and the help documents are deficient, to say the least. Then I remembered I have Pages, and Pages’ charts are rather handsome.

Is there a way to use Applescript to create pie charts, fill in the data, and apply some styling (colors and titles) in Pages 1.0.2 using OS X.5.4? Any help or suggestions would be excellent, since without Applescript I’m looking at a whole lot of work…

The response is NO. The chart tools aren’t scriptable and if I remember well, in Pages 1.0.2 nothing is scriptable.
Scriptability appeared with Pages 2 but not for charts (the feature is also unavailable in Pages 3 which uses the same tools than Numbers).

Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE vendredi 15 août 2008 17:32:18)

Hi Scriptic,

I recommend to take a look at Ragtime 6, a highly scriptable office suite, which also features an extensive AppleScript dictionary for its graphs engine.

Unfortunately RagTime is not cheap, but offers an unrivaled degree of automation. I know, I sound like a sales agent :slight_smile: But everyone owns an app that he just loves. Mine happens to be RagTime :wink:

Only on an Intel Mac, though

Thanks for the replies, guys. You’d think an Apple product like Pages (or Numbers) would be scriptable, but the world is full of surprises. :stuck_out_tongue: