possible to script sending an attachment from Mail.app?


I’m beginning to think this may be impossible using Mail.app…


I want to attach a .zip file to an email message and send it. I’ve been able to get the properties of a sent message and see the attachment, but I’ve not been able to create a new message and successfully attach an attachment.


The dictionary for Mail.app is confusled, at least to goofballs like me. Anyone have a suggestion? I’d like to stick to the ‘stock’ tools if possible, but GNUMail is getting more attractive by the minute.

Many many many thanks in advance,


In one of the Scripts folders on your Mac is a script called Create New Message – it’s listed in your Scripts menu if you have it installed. The script contains all you need to know.

Shane Stanley


It figures that it would be an RTFM issue… Man! I’ve been searching all over, and the answer is on my own machine!?

…yup, I’m officially a goofball! LOL

THANK YOU for your kind reply,