possible to write script with graphics?

Hi, I have been on this forum for a while learning how to program memory games in applescript, and have found great help from this forum’s members, all in this following thread: http://bbs.applescript.net/viewtopic.php?id=16465

I am looking to write another memory game in script but this time it is a spatial memory game. I’m looking for the program to do this: have some type of grid (say for the example five by five) that displays red dots randomly and individually (but no dot can be displayed again) for how many times you choose, and then after all is displayed, you are asked to repeat the process but in reverse order and (here is the real kicker) everything turned either clockwise a quarter turn, half turn, three-quarter turn, vertical flip (vertical mirror), or horizontal flip (horizontal mirror). After you do this process, the program tells you if you are correct.

So for example, we have a five column by five row grid where three distinct red dots (the number of red dots displayed are chosen by you) are randomly displayed on the grid. By your choosing, the programs asks you to repeat the process in reverse order and vertical mirrored. After doing this you are told that you are correct.

How would I do this particularly with the displaying of graphics (the red dots, grid, rotations, etc.)? Is it possible?

I thank you guys for all your help!

AppleScript Studio would work, if you can handle that.

that sound like a pain to play let alone build.
But since you obviously want to, I’d go with AS studio (in xcode) too.
If you haven’t done that stuff before I’m sure there is a few good guides out there. But i suggest looking at the examples Apple provides on the Developer disc.

For more specific help if u do know xcode, just ask away.

OK, sounds good. I’ll take a look and see what happens.

OK i must be missing something. I checked xcode and found all sorts of examples for studio but couldn’t find the application of studio to write new script. Is that just build into xcode when I run it?

Open Xcode and create a new project, select ‘AppleScript Application’ from the list and click next, enter a name and save directory and click finish.

Thanks! I’ve got it now.

This is how I think I’ll try to write the program. An outline if you will:

First, it would ask how many dots I want to try and remember, how long each dot would be displayed, and what form to give my answer in (quarter turn, mirror, etc.).

Second it would create the grid on which the red dots would be displayed position wise. ( I suppose at some point I would have to create the “red dot”. )

Third, it woul display the random dots on the gird individually.

Fourth, it would ask to repeat the process in reverse and in the form previously selected. Subquently, it program would check the answer and tell what was wrong.

How does this sound? Further, would I create the ‘red dot’ and grid by the graphics programs in Xcode or tell the computer to do it in the script?

OK I’ve looked at the samples and played around with Studio for a bit, but it seems that I’m going to need someone to help me get started. Who can help me?