Post Edit Time Limits

After a period of time, I have not been able to edit several of my posts, and I wondered if there is some time limit. I looked at the forum’s documentation but didn’t see anything.

BTW, a workaround is to delete and then repost the post with the desired edits, though this might be seen as an attempt to circumvent a forum rule (which I don’t want to do)? Thanks.

I’ve done some checking and trust level 0 and trust level 1 users (everyone brought over from the old is trust level 1) have a 24 hour post editing limit. As you use the site more and are promoted to trust level 2, this limit extends to 30 days.

Since we have so many people at trust level 1 I’ve extended the post editing time to 72 hours. Hopefully that’s enough.

Thanks Mark. I just checked a 2-day-old post of mine and I was able to edit it. So, all is well.