Posting formatted Applescript to the new forum

I was just composing a post, but then I figured out the answer while composing.

However, I didn’t see how people are getting the Applescript to display properly?

I checked all the buttons in the header, and tried , but couldn’t get anything to preview correctly.

I also scrolled back to the first few posts after the new forum, and did some searches… no luck. I’m sure the answer’s out there to be found, but can someone enlighten me?



Hi t.spoon.

Three backticks on their own lines above and below:

AppleScript code here

There’s a “Markdown” reference guide with more stuff here.

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I have 2 options to make it little more easy for me.

If I have select my script I run AppleScript to make backticks start and end of my script.
I also have a text replace:with and use <<< to be replaced with ```

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