PowerMac insomniac. Sleepschedule anyone?


Its been a while since I was in here and even longer since I last sat down and did some scripting.

What makes me come back here is that I’m finally fed up with how OSX handles the sleep-function. In the controlpanel its posible to set how long it will take 'til the computer goes to sleep after its been inactive/idle. I have however not been able to find any explenation to how inactive/idle is defined or how “Put the harddisk to sleep when posible” effects this.

If I uncheck “put the harddisks…” and set the computer to go to sleep in 25 minutes from which its become inactive it usualy sounds like the computer is reving up and down all the time and it usualy takes more than 25 minutes for it to go to sleep. If I check “put the harddisks…” I on the other hand dont hear any of those rev up/down sounds but it still seems to take more than 25 minutes for it to go to sleep. Ive tried shorter times like 5 or 10 minutes but that just wont work.

I could ofcourse use a schedule to set my computer to go to sleep but then I would have to set one that works for everyday in the week. Some days I have eyetv recording shows at three in the day only and other days I also have recordings at nine and ten in the evening so to cover every weekday Id have to set a general sleep at eleven in the evening even though its been on since the recording at three in the day.

What I want:
I cant be the only one with these problems or can I? Has anyone tried making a schedulingprogram that makes it posible to set different sleeptimes for each day or does maybee someone with more skills than I have sugestions to solutions on how to make such a program - the more the merrier. If its posible to combine a scheduled sleep with “sleep in xx minutes from become inactive” its even better.


Model: PowerMac G5 DC2.3
Browser: Safari 525.20.1
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)