PowerPoint - animating text - entry and exit effects

Hi. I’m making some tests here and having problems to animate shapes with AppleScript.

My script is simple:

tell application "Microsoft PowerPoint"
tell slide 1 of the active presentation
		set theAnimation to animation settings of shape "myText"
		set animate of theAnimation to true
		set playSettings to play settings of theAnimation
		set text level effect of theAnimation to animate level first level
		set entry effect of theAnimation to entry effect appear

	end tell
end tell

But I can’t find a way of doing some things:

  1. Where are the “exit effects”? They are not in the Library.
  2. How can I make items to appear “with previous” or “after previous”? They are only working “on click”.
  3. And how about animation delays?

There are not a lot about this topic anywhere. Any idea is welcome.

Thank you,

I think you’re right about the dearth of information on scripting powerpoint.

As to your questions…

I think that exit animation is a property of an effect. So you add an effect and set it to be an exit animation.

with previous and after previous are potential values for the trigger parameter of the add effect command. So perhaps try trigger with previous.

Not sure about delays as that word appears but once in the dictionary and I’m not sure that it’s relevant. There is an advance time property of animation settings. Dunno if that’s what you’re after.

Thank you. I don’t know why they making script on PowerPoint so complicated! They have “animation”, “effect”, “fx”, “animated”… And in different levels.

I couldn’t make it work yet, but as soon as I find a way I will come back here to share.

Thank you again!