Powerpoint: Save as video

How to save Slides in a powerpoint as video
In GUI the same is available within File->Export as->Select type as video

This script doesn’t work saves the presentation as a 0KB file, how to specify the duration of each slides and modify other save as movie settings of presentation

    tell application "Microsoft PowerPoint"
    set videoName to "/Users/mysys/Documents/Output.mov"
        tell active presentation 
            save in videoName as save as movie
        end tell
    end tell

Try using the specifier file + hfs path instead of the Posix path. I don’t have PowerPoint to test this.

set videoHFSPath to (path to documents folder as text) & "Output.mov"

tell application "Microsoft PowerPoint"
        tell active presentation 
            save in file videoHFSPath as save as movie
        end tell
    end tell


No I did tried with multiple paths as well this doesn’t work

My issue is the video size is 0 Bytes. It is just like a dummy file

I know how to do it in KeyNote. There, you first need to tell to presentation the open command. As a result, the front document is created. To this front document (and not to the presentation) is then sent a export command.

on exportPresentationsToMovies(thePresentations)
	tell application "Keynote"
		if playing is true then tell front document to stop
			repeat with aPresentation in thePresentations
				open aPresentation
				set the documentName to name of the front document
				set destinationFile to my deriveFileNameForNewFileInFolder(documentName, destinationFolder)
				with timeout of 1200 seconds -- 20 minutes
					export front document to file destinationFile as QuickTime movie with properties {movie format:native size}
				end timeout
				close front document saving no
				display notification documentName with title "Keynote Movie Export"
			end repeat
		on error errorMessage
			display alert "EXPORT ERROR" message errorMessage
			error number -128
		end try
	end tell
end exportPresentationsToMovies


From powerpoint 2011’s dictionary:

save v : Save an object

save specifier : the object to save

[in Macintosh path/‌Posix path] : the file in which to save the object

[as save as presentation/‌save as template/‌save as RTF/‌save as show/‌save as default/‌save as HTML/‌save as movie/‌save as package/‌save as PDF/‌save as Open XML presentation/‌save as Open XML presentation macro enabled/‌save as Open XML show/‌save as Open XML show macro enabled/‌save as Open XML template/‌save as Open XML template macro enabled/‌save as Open XML theme/‌save as GIF/‌save as JPG/‌save as PNG/‌save as BMP/‌save as TIF] : the file type of the document in which to save the data

FWIW, I get the impression that the slide show properties need to be set (and are distinct from the presentation document’s properties).

What is a presentation until it plays? A dead set of slides with specified interval. KeyNote brings this presentation to life with the open command. Only then does a video stream appear in the interface, which KeyNote can export on the fly (as a video).

I only logically assumed that PowerPoint should work in the same way, but it is possible that this is not the case. The dictionary does not specify which PowerPoint objects can be exported as a movie. I’m only guessing that this is the document at the time the presentation is played.

NOTE: I may not have given the correct explanation here. The main idea is to work with the document created by the presentation, and not with the presentation itself.

In powerpoint, the presentation is the document. The open command opens ‘powerpoint presentations’. At least, this is the case in PPT 2011 (and earlier… don’t think it has changed since).

tell application "Microsoft PowerPoint"
	save presentation 1 in "bleep.mov" as save as movie
end tell

The above saves the front presentation in the Documents folder as a Quicktime movie (mov). If you change the extension in the script (I tried avi and mp4) it will still produce a mov file but with the incorrect extension.

If you set all of the slides to only advance by clicking and then save the movie, no file is produced. If the advance slide duration is set to any number (and applied to all slides), then the movie duration will be that number × slide count.

I have not test this but ChatGPT:

tell application "Microsoft PowerPoint"
    -- Prompt the user to select the presentation file
    set presentationFile to choose file with prompt "Select the presentation to save as movie"
    -- Open the selected presentation
    open presentationFile
    -- Get the active presentation
    set activePresentation to active presentation
    -- Set the movie export path
    set exportPath to (POSIX path of (choose folder with prompt "Select the destination folder")) & "Movie.mov"
    -- Export the presentation as a movie
    save activePresentation in exportPath as save as movie
end tell