ppntsttg, aevtobit, misccpub, miscimgr ...

I’m trying to understand the following events, but I’m unable to find any documentation. Can someone help me? I’m just beginning to learn this sort of things.

«event aevtobit» Sent to an application that launched another application when the launched application quits or terminates?
«event misccpub» create publisher? (Connectivity Suite)
«event miscimgr» ImageGraphic?
«event miscedit» edit?
«event miscisun» Is uniform?
«event miscmvis» reveal, show
«event ppntsttg» (Quicktime suite? Even if listed under ppnt?)

Where did you get this list?

I think I recognize some of them, but they come from very old apps (ie, “miscisun” from Quark 3’s “uniform”). “ppntsttg”, for example, stands for SetTellTarget which, as far as I know, never had an useful use (while it was implemented in a high num of apps → or just “copied” instead of “implemented”).

For example, SetTellTarget was included allways in a suite called “Miscellaneous Odds and Ends”. Perhaps this suite was some kind of developer tool included in any ancient AppleScript SDK (ie, the one shipped with AS 1.3.4), but not something with a real use (?).

This smells to some kind of old “standard apple event implementation” in a ‘aedt’ resource (apple-event-dispatch-table) → ie, a powerplant application. But nothing useful (I think). Anyway, you can try these apple-events against the target application and see if it invokes some kind of reaction :smiley:

Oh, the last one do.
I actually cannot recommend anybody to try «event ppntsttg».
The effect of it is not quite clear to me, but I try to explain the results, you might be able to tell me what happened. It raised my hugest curiosity.

Called in a second level tell block to anApp identifyed by ID (within a repeat parsing for IDs of different versions of one app), it first quitted my Debugger without dialog or error.
Trying to reopen it happened again.
Trying to open in Apple’s Script Editor, it launched Debugger.
Smile: same behaviour.
Quitting of the illegal opened Debugger didn’t help.
No stop of script possibility, no quit available, current script editor disabled in favour of Debugger, which by the way did nothing but snooze quietly. Only hard-quit (don’t remember what’s called in English) could get me out of this.
Forcing the editor to recompile before restarting the script didn’t help, cleaning up, changing loads of things, no way.
Even after getting rid of all properties, all script objects, leaving one single global with 2 strings containg the ID (from finder). Declaring each silliest var as local. As soon as I run the script the described behaviour would occur.

And mind that: I had not the faintest item calling in the editor.

I cut it short. Even a sys restart didn’t heal the file from calling Debugger. I let the computer sleep over it a night. He didn’t forget.
A sort of switching of application was called in with long lasting memory.
My console told me this: Activity Monitor[604] ERROR: unable to compute major/minor units
Checking background activities didn’t show anything abnormal.

Now, all of a sudden, this stopped (some leasing?).
I cannot reproduce the behaviour either. (Do I really want to?)
I suspect it MIGHT be related with the other silly experiment I did shortly before serving myself with «event ppntsttg»: just before that I tryed to pass in my second level block a begin transaction-end transaction. Just to see what happened.
I got back a dialog from my app telling me he couldn’ t continue the transaction (so he did sort of understand the raw command). Nothing abnormal.

What happens now, is a permanent error -10814 when the repeat reaches the second app ID.
This I had also before, and it’s actually preventing this devilish second level handler to work properly. This error is quite well spread lately, and doesn’t help me build a better handler either.

This whole raw events list (and much more) comes, as you correctly recognized, indeed from an app with an old AS implementation. Obviously I’m trying to get the most of it.
My app is so implemented that no events output me a result. None of the few supported commands. Just executes a few core commands. Not even a list of open documents is among the given facilities (even if it should, or I still didn’t find the way to, also possible). Which makes the whole AS driving quite tiring.
Searching the aedt I found those events. Others not listed here do execute some actions (nothing of interest, unfortunately).
Since I know that I cannot have any result, at least I’d like to know what I can compell him to do.


Model: PowerBook g4, 1500
AppleScript: 1.9.3
Browser: Safari 312.6
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.3.9)

Sorry, forgot to tell the application is VectorWorks (a CAD).

I’m testing different VectorScripts (VectorWorks own language) scripts under different VectorWorks versions.
AppleScript is meant to batch-run the scripts, organize the error catching outputs and build a database for me to be able to debug my VS scripts consequently.
And loads of other things, I’d like AS to do for me.

Orso B. Schmid