predictive itunes search

i have a search field that searches the itunes library. As the user types i want it to fill in the rest of the field with the first song that pops up from what the user is typing, but still allow the user to continue typing and as the user types the search will narrow down. I also would like a popup menu to display under the search field with all the results. I would perfer a method using obj-c just because it’s a lot faster. But if anyone has a method of how to do this quickly using applescript than that would be great aswell.

Thanks for any help.

if there is one thing i have learnt on this forum it is that asking anything like that: no one will want to help

you need to give us what you have so far, don’t be so demanding, this is an applescript forum - don’t ‘prefer’ it in Ob-C there are other forums for that.

and now i have had my puff for today I found that iTunes does have a search command so you could just have a “On Edited” thing with a loop constantly searching for what has been entered :wink:

yeah the searching part isnt that hard, it’s just the putting it into the text field and allowing the user to continue typing that is hard.