PreFab Player Question

Hi all!
Anyone out there using PreFab Player?
I’m currently running os9.1 and the trial version 1.5 of PreFab Player.
Results with Lotus notes seem a little inconsistent. Just wondering what
others have found.

We purchased it to enhance our FreeHand scripts but it was very inconsistent.
It failed to see some windows / palettes. I tried some stuff with Photoshop
before they improved their dictionary. Not very good there either.

We don’t use it anymore.

Lotus Notes?

I’ve worked sometimes with Player and it has been allways a very robust app. Also, I’ve found lots of odd behaviours depending on the environment in which worked the app, but I think this is not Player’s problem, but the app’s one, and I allways found a workaround…
Just an opinion… :wink: